The tourists that visit our pristine country are a plague. The New Zealand Government is slowly killing the “Clean Green” image of the country by letting too many tourists flood through our borders. Many people have witnessed the crime of these people coming into our country, they come here and abuse our environment, then leave. It’s a disturbing reality that is becoming more and more common in New Zealand with an influx of tourists coming to the country and abusing the limited facilities that are available. We as a nation do not disapprove of tourists, it’s the damage tourists cause to our country that is not approved. When one is a visitor in a foreign country the idea of abusing and causing harm to the environment is frowned upon.

Diamond Lake is a hidden gem that is quickly becoming discovered. The destruction that tourists cause at Diamond Lake is appalling. This natural wonder has now become a gem dripping in sewage. Its this type of behaviour that is killing New Zealand. Even with this destruction occurring nationally some New Zealanders just want to kick back and not worry. This mentality is almost worse than the destruction that occurs and is almost encouraging this behaviour. Not only does it destroy the environment it ruins the economy as it robs hard-working campground owners of money they desperately need. This ignorance that is shown will cause the camp owners to lose livelihood and potentially ruin their lives.

The type of people that are coming here have no respect for this country. The statistics don’t lie.The problem is real,1.8 million people have made their way through Queenstown airport in the last year and 19 million strolled through Auckland in the last year as well. A percentage of them are definitely New Zealand “locals” but still even with that taken into account that’s a hell of a lot of people for a small area that does not have the infrastructure to deal with its own inhabitants let alone old mate from god knows where.

Not only is our tourist industry over capacity now but with the projected numbers that the government has forecast in the next few years, it can’t end well. There are too many people using Mt Roy it at the moment what on earth is going to happen in a few years when more of them come to the country.

This also affects our healthcare system and ACC levies. Tourists are coming over in increasing numbers and think they’re shit-hot extreme adventurers when they’re not. In turn leading to long queues of overseas tourists clogging up our local medical centres.

DOC is bearly afloat as it is. A tax at the border would generate income for the country that could be spent on the development of the infrastructure to help cope with the ever-growing number of tourist coming here. Implementing a tax or increasing the price for facilities on the great walks in the national parks is another thing that we should be doing. This would give DOC the financial resources it needs to continue maintaining our natural landscape. Its only fair to do something like this because we all pay tax to pay to help fund our country so why shouldn’t the tourists. Even Bill thinks it’s a good idea, he jumped on the bandwagon and is planning on implementing a policy that makes tourists and foreign visitors pay twice the amount on the 5 great walks that are located around New Zealand.


To conclude the number of tourists that come to this country and damage it is a joke. Taxing tourists at the border and fining the ones who are caught being ignorant towards the laws in this country would be the best way of dealing with this plague. By doing this it would give the New Zealand Government the resources it needs to improve the infrastructure to stop this sort of behaviour from continually occurring.

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